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Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words!

  One day I had this funny idea, and I thought, “Well, there’s really nothing stopping me...” At first it was just for fun. But then…Then I drew up a sketch. And then another one.  I started tinkering around and, to make a long story short, there came a point when I realized that, for the first time in my life, I was going to build something with my own two hands. So, after a couple months of fine-tuning the communication vessels, I became the sole owner in the world of such a strange piece of work: 

My piece has buttons working as pumps and has pipes instead of wires. It also has a display like any other electronic panel board, but as opposed to using liquid crystals as in electronic displays, my machine’s display functions via multicoloured syrups. My machine converts words into cocktails. And, yes, it does work. Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words.


So, if you’re interested, let me explain this contraption and the mechanism that makes it work. At the top of the machine there is a slot into which a bottle with alcohol, water, or even milk can be screwed. The essence of the art here lies in the ability of the syrups or liqueurs to tint the neutral color of the liquid. In the picture below you can see the connector itself and the regulator (which is actually an IV Rate Flow Regulator I picked up in a drugstore), which opens or closes off the air flow into the bottle and thus acts as an on/off switch.  Once it enters the machine, the liquid spreads across the fourteen tubules. 

Each tubule is connected to one of the 14 transparent display segments. With the help of special regulators located on the side of the machine, the liquid’s flow speed in each segment can be regulated. 

Pressing the buttons on the keyboard injects the corresponding ingredients into the display, which tints different segments of the display and thus produces letters. You can try to imagine that each letter can have a taste (L-Lime, A-Apple), a color (R-Red, G-Green), or a name (K-Kahlua, J-Jagermeister).

Syringes function as the machine’s buttons. A valve connects to the syringes and turns them into pumps. 

In the back of the keyboard, there are slots for the bottles with colored beverages in them. There are 26 total slots, one for each letter of the Latin alphabet. When a syringe stem goes up, liquid is taken from the bottle connected to it. 

When the stem goes down (that is, when one pushes the button), the colored liquid goes into the splitter on the backside of the display. There, the flow splits into several separate flows, as many segments of the display need to be tinted to draw the necessary letter. 

For instance, letters A,B,Q, and R each have seven segments, letters L and T have 3, and letter I takes only 2 segments. 

The newly formed mixture flows into the tap and then, into the glass. 

A good number of tubules were used to connect the various components of the machine to one another. There are 136 tubules inside, equaling a total of 30 meters of communications.


I should notice this machine is not finished yet. This is not a complete ready-to-use product. This is a prototype, which is not very reliable and fast to (dis)assemble, hard to wash. Just a concept which needs reworking and finetuning.  

By the way, I am loking for sponsor for my next cool machine.

In case if you like soundtrack from my video, you can listen or download it below:

14-segment display by morskoiboy

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  1. мужик, когда продавать такое уже будешь?

  2. Я когда ее делал даже не помышлял о том, что ее кто-то захочет купить

  3. Just saw the design and find it really cool. Is it possible for you to send the instructions on how to build this?

  4. I've noticed that the buttons keep pushed, how do you reset the machine? (Nice work, btw!)

  5. There is no problem to add a springs under the buttons. I was too lazy to do it. (Thanks btw)

  6. This is incredible -a real work of art.
    Well done, clever you!

  7. you're a genius! Hey I wonder how that sentence tastes!

  8. Здравствуйте, morskoi boy. Мое имя Александра и я редактор новостей портала о дизайне. У вас прекрасное изобретение! Нас оно заинтересовало, но возникло несколько вопросов. Вы не могли бы сообщить ваш имейл, или написать на мой – alexandra@kak.ru
    Заранее спасибо!

  9. Hi,
    great concept and execution thereof!
    would you like to show your work at Roboexotica, the Vienna festival for cocktail robotics? please contact us via our webpage at roboexotica.org

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  11. Добрый день, Morskoiboy! Я продюсер программы о науке и технологиях "Вести.RU" (телеканал "Россия-2", ВГТРК), нас очень заинтересовало Ваше изобретение, вы не могли бы со мной связаться по электронной почте vschekina@vgtrk.com или по телефону 8-915-342-02-40. Виктория

  12. Hola lei tu nota en mi post de tus ilustraciones. La verdad es que me gusta muchísimo como dibujas y como pintas, eres muy creativa.

    He estado de viaje en Lisboa unos dias y lei tu escrito ayer.


  13. Is there any chance of getting the plans or instructions for building this.

  14. Hello, my magazine (CKM) would like to show your work, could you please write to me monika.markowiak@ckm.pl thanks/Monika

  15. C'mon this idea is not yours and it is not new. The author Boris Vian, a.k.a. Vernon Sullivan already put this idea on his book called L'Écume des Jours in 1947! Instead of typing words, he was playing piano and the tubes was connected to the keys of it, and that being said, the thing that you taste was not "words" but the "melodies".

  16. C'mon Freefance! THIS IS AMAZING!

    Hydraulic systems are used for all kinds of things! Machines vehicles, WHATEVER, its a very useful system.... and this application of hydraulics is wonderfully designed and executed! Innovation is in part about 'new applications' and 'the appropriation of existing technologies' into something new and exciting. Playing the piano with a type-writer and making drinks with a type-writer are very different things, even if both systems rely on hydraulics or type-writers.

    I LOVE THIS CONTRAPTION, it also looks fabulous! Well done!

  17. Wow, so incredible!! Hi, This is Claire from South Korea. I'm working at a liquor company and my boss is interested in buying your machine. Please email me whether you sell it or not. one more!! Can we make like your machine to promote our new product'MACKISS'(liquor)? I'm waiting for your reply. my email address is clairelim9874@gmail.com